Heroes Are My Weakness: A Novel - Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This book is . . . super weird. 


I like that the heroine is a ventriloquist. That's definitely something I've never read before. Buuuuuut, the dummies speak to her. Even when they're not there. There's just this running commentary from like five dolls going on in her POV. I really don't know what to do with that. She may or may not be crazy but she's internalized those dolls way too much.


Then there's the hero. He may or may not be a psychopath. The heroine calls him that (among some great one-liners) because it's not far off the mark if even half of what he did to her when they were kids is true. How in the actual hell are we supposed to root for them to be together? How do you redeem that? He was terrible. That's an understatement. And everyone is all, "it was a long time ago. He/I was just a kid!" Err, that is in no way normal behavior for a kid. Even a messed up kid. 


And, of course, even though there was no indication of it coming whatsoever a sex scene came out of the blue. But that was probably because I was in the shower. It never fails, when I listen to a book the sex scene(s) will come up when I'm in the shower with the book on speaker and my family home, even if there is no logical reason for it to happen. It's so obnoxious! And, of course, this sex scene had to be super weird. Sigh. 


I'm not sure how mysterious the mystery is. Unless SEP comes out of left field with some there is really only one person it could be and has motive.