Planning for Love - Christi Barth

So the heroine, Ivy, went on a blind date her mother set up the night before and she is telling her co-workers/friends and Ben, the hero, about it. While listening to the slimy kind of get-laid-quick date the Blind Date had set up Ben is thinking what a slime ball he is and how he doesn't deserve Ivy and points it out to them. And I'm thinking well at least that dude fed her dinner and some romance even if it was manufactured. Ben didn't even get through one drink with her at his hotel bar.


And while Ivy is talking about Blind Date Dude she says how his routine was "obvious" and his lines were smarmy and cheesy and again I'm like how is that different than all the super smooth lines Ben was laying down when you jumped into bed with him after 10 minutes? To me he sounded vey obvious, smarmy, and cheesy. Like he runs game in every city he finds himself and has found the lines that work every time. 


Come on, guys, get me on your side.