OA Comment: Yes, seriously, fuck you John Grisham. And your bullshit, "OMG, people had a problem with what I said?!" apology. I'm so glad I never bought any of your books (bless libraries). This is a good idea. Also, for posterity, because #NeverForget: your faves who support Romani Polanski.



Besides making pictures telling John Grisham to fuck off (as satisfying as that is).



For everyone who is struggling with the fact that they put money in John Grisham's pocket - a donation to The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (fondly known as NecMec by those of us in the business) of the amount that you would have spent on his new book might make you feel better.


The book is on sale for 17.37.


Link here: https://secure.missingkids.com/Home


Or, in the alternative, pick your favorite child protection charity and send them a donation.

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