Mean Streak - Sandra Brown

I am so perplexed right now.



He has lied to her on multiple occasions. Pretty much about everything.
He's clearly dangerous as hell.
He's creepy as shit.
He refuses to tell her his name.
He admitted to watching her through his binoculars from afar before she started her run.
He said he "found" her knocked out on the trail.
He said he "found" her on the trail by continuing to watching her through his binoculars.
He took her to his place.
He said the weather prevented them from leaving.
He was in possession of the bloody rock that had obviously knocked her out.
He didn't really give a clear reason as to why he was in possession of that rock.
She is incredibly incurious about that fact.
She can't be sure that he wasn't the one who knocked her out with that rock.
She's as scared of him as she is compelled by him.
She doesn't know his name. (This bears repeating.)
She is married. MARRIED. (And, no, she doesn't know about her husband's affair.)


And yet, they're fucking.


And without a condom.




What in the bloody fuck is this book? Ugh.



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This is some Edward Cullen and Bella Swan shit right here.