This Side of the Grave  - Tavia Gilbert, Jeaniene Frost

I'm still loving this series, the characters and everything but I am really thrown by this book. I guess there was a novella in between the fourth and fifth books and apparently a lot went down in it that is now a part of the overall story. A lot. There have been so many points in this book where I've gone, "whoa, whoa, whoa, WHAT?! WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?!" or "WAIT, WHEN?!" At a certain point I kept double checking that I was listening to the right book and that I didn't miss a full book in between four and five. It's confusing and I don't like it. Major series plot points should be in the main books! Since I'm listening to these as audiobooks the library doesn't have the novellas (although thankfully the do have the one between books six and seven but not as an audiobook unfortunately), so I feel lost. And, of course, it seems all her novellas are $1.99 except for this one, which is $2.99. Blargh. I'm going to buy and read the novella, but it's not going to help me now.


On the plus side, Tavia Gilbert is pretty much my favorite audiobook narrator at this point. I'm not even sure I'd like the books as much if I were reading them and not listening to her narration. She's brilliant.