His Love Match - Shirley Hailstock

I feel like that has been my review title too many times. This book was so frigging boring, and then really annoying. There wasn't all that much plot, nothing happened really it just felt like there were a lot of words for there to be words. This was compounded by the narrator, who just wasn't good. Boring reading, stilted, prominent over-enunciation, too similar voices, etc.

Initially the sex was okay. Short and quite a few faded to black. Then suddenly they were long as all get out for such a short book, and one that was already super long, then almost immediately started up again for another long stint, and then during the next morning scene they go at it again! Nothing needs that much sex, let alone a short category romance. But I'm guessing that was a result of the lack of plot.

There is no real conflict throughout the book so I don't get why after they so quickly decided they were in love, that they didn't tell each other. It didn't make sense. Then the last minute conflict comes and it's so stupid and out of the blue. The situation was something that probably should have been mentioned in the story before that point, and then the heroine decides what happens is a terminal offense and I was all, "What the fuck? What just happened?"


I have another book in this series. I hope it's much better than this.