Seraphina -

I feel like everyone I know loved this book, but it was only a lukewarm okay for me. The first half of this book was very boring. I don't know if it was the book itself or more the narration, but it was a snoozefest. Obviously not boring enough for me to flounce, there was something that kept me wanting to see where the story went. First person and all (bleh).


My biggest complaint in the latter half of the book is the love story. It wasn't well established. It was like the author realized this is a YA so of course there has to be a romance with the kids so let's throw one in there. Obviously the love interest was positioned to be such, but there just wasn't enough between he and Seraphina to carry it and definitely no chemistry. I hope that's better in the next book.


There was nothing really wrong with the narrator herself though she made the character sound older than 16. The quality of the narration was off. It sounded like it was recorded in an echoey empty room with her a little too far away from the mic. And the singing was kind of weird. She wasn't terrible, I guess it was more unexpected.


Since it ended on an upswing for me I'll listen to the next book though I might wait if this is supposed to be another trilogy.