Rock Addiction (Rock Kiss) (Volume 1) - Nalini Singh

How many things do I hate about this story already, let me count the ways:


1. So far it has mostly been sex talk. (Only some ~the heroine's traumatic past~ vagueness.) 

2. The hero and heroine seriously said pretty much no words to each other before they were off to her place to screw. (Frigging ew.)

3. The idea indiscriminately screwing randos is somehow "sophisticated".

4. The heroine is a virgin and is jumping into bed with this stranger (third book in a row with this trope, I hate it. I love stories with virgins, but not doing that. The only difference that makes this slightly better than the others is that this is a famous dude she'd been fantasizing about. Only slightly.).

5. Where the hell is the plot? (Will there be a plot?)

6. No, but seriously, there has been no plot (yet?) but we're already in an extremely explicit sex scene.

7. The heroine apologizes for being a virgin. Just, no. (At least the hero didn't get mad about it, that reaction really pisses me off.)


That's a lot in 43 minutes and they're not even that far into the actual having gross stranger sex. You know what would have been a more compelling story and an actual romance? Rock star used to getting any woman any time he wants finds girl intriguing, is made to wait, to his surprise falls for her, building of an actual relationship and delicious sexual tension. Why don't romance authors care about the latter two elements any more?


I don't know why I want to give the book a chance to hook me. That may be a mistake. Anyone read this who can advise me?