Say Yes to the Marquess - Tessa Dare

I really liked this. Much better than the first. Another romance where a great relationship was established before sex (well, before full on sex). I couldn't get enough of Rafe and Cleo. Their conversations and, joking, and overall silliness with each other. There were quite a few times this book had me laughing out loud. My biggest complaints were that when the sex did come it was overly long and exceedingly explicit. Of course, that things with Rafe's brother weren't squared away before they started. And that (the sister) Phoebe's upset was never fully explored as it should have been. I loved her though. I wish she'd get her own book. Though clearly she is on the Spectrum and I don't know enough to know whether that could work or not (she doesn't like touching, so. . .). She and Bruiser were such great side characters, and part of what made the book so entertaining. I'd really like for Bruiser to have his own book, too.


Historical romance is killing it for me lately!