Extreme Exposure (Audio Download) - Kaleo Griffith, Pamela Clare

Because romance authors are so desperate to shove in as much superfluous graphic sex as possible now, the hero and heroine go ahead and have sex at the end here even though the heroine:

  • is concussed
  • used her head to break someone's jaw while concussed
  • was knocked out with a blunt object after breaking someone's jaw with her head while concussed 
  • has two broken ribs
  • was shot (though a flesh wound)
  • bruised all over from being beaten multiple times
  • chemical burns in various places


Then talks about how sore she is afterward. Well, no shit. 


Like, really? That's all I'm saying. Same complaint different book.


Overall, though I really liked the suspense storyline and characters. Even if she's a journalist.