Navy Orders - Geri Krotow

Only a few pages into this book and it's not going well already. Our heroine was just perfectly okay with her fiancé having married someone else while she was deployed and breaking up with her after. Yes, it's probably true that in the end this is the best thing as they didn't really belong together, but that doesn't negate the betrayal and unmitigated assholery it takes to do something like that. Yet she was even apologizing for not being enough!!


She did, at least, get pissed off when she found out the woman her fiancé married was her sister


But good lord, am I going to have to sit through another bullshit forgiveness storyline here? Probably, because she'll come to terms with it like all the others especially since she wasn't initially pissed off at the fiancé. Siiiiigh. I hate that.


*hopes she'll be pleasantly surprised anyway*