When a Scot Ties the Knot - Tessa Dare

You write such interesting characters. And they have such great banter. In the second book of this series especially. Say Yes to the Marquess was so well balanced and there was so much talking and interaction between the hero and heroine that wasn't sexual. It was great!


In this book I loved our heroine Maddie and her quirks and ambitions. I loved how she handled Logan and the asinine situation in which she found herself. I loved she went out and got what she wanted in life. Logan I liked overall, but there was definitely that rocky start with him. Even if he was doing everything for the love of his men.


Unfortunately, in this book sex seemed to take over again like the first book of the series. Even though they didn't go full intercourse until very late in the book (thank god, otherwise it would have felt more than a little rapey) there were still a lot of interludes with touching, fingering, and oral. And I couldn't help but think if at least half of those were cut out and instead Logan and Maddie had more interaction outside of butting heads and basic get-to-know-you, it would have been a much stronger story like the second book.


Nor, of course, do I need the sex to be so graphic that I'm wondering if I'm listening to a romance or an erotica. There's a difference, dammit! I especially need authors to settle down with all the cock. Cock, cock, cock, cock, cock, I GET IT HE AS A COCK, GOD DAMN. Does it really need to be said twenty times in this scene? Or referred to constantly? I know, I know I'm a broken record on this subject and I probably will continue to be. What makes it entirely worse is when you have great books that are brought down by this element.  Authors and bloggers can take to twitter and whatever to mock me and others as much as they want to (and they do). I do not think I'm wrong that romance should be romance and it doesn't need nor gains anything from an over abundance of graphic sex.


Unless, of course, we're talking about lobsters. Then it's just necessary. 'She's drawn a lobster pillowbook . . .' Oh, my God, it kills me!!


Tessa Dare does really strong and interesting secondary characters and this book was no different. I don't want books for the secondaries in this book like I do for Phoebe and Bruiser from Say Yes, but I still liked them all a lot nonetheless!