Navy Orders - Geri Krotow

The sister has shown up unannounced, it has not even been a full page and I'm ready to set everything on fire. Remember this is the sister who married the heroine's, Ro's, finance while she was at war. Hobag sister has already bitched at Ro for cutting her out of her life. Said she needs to get over it, because she's pregnant with ex-dickbag's baby (his name is Dick, but it's just so apt in many ways). Bitched about where Ro lives being 'so far from civilization'. And demanded Ro let her in . . . AND SHE DID.


Nope. NOPE. If Ro just accepts this and helps this idiot out I swear to God it's DNF time. I don't have the patience for this even though I've had this book on my TBR forever and the author will be at the reader luncheon next month.