Navy Orders - Geri Krotow

I'm not calling this a DNF right now for whatever reason. I can't explain it. I think I want to see what happens with other parts of the story, and I like the hero, but I just can't deal with this shit now. I'm yelling at the book and making wild hand gestures and it's just stressing me the hell out.


The ex dickbag showed up and she let him stay, too. He has now declared that they aren't leaving until things are better between Ro and her sister. Because she's pregnant and deserves to enjoy this time in her life or whatever the fuck. AND SHE LETS HIM SAY THIS SHIT AND AGREES TO SIT DOWN WITH THEM AGSGDHWNDJCNCSKSNCIEWMNSCOWICNEGANI!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THAT?! And this one is even worse because the sister is a straight up asshole all around. I mean, even more than you have to be to do this kind of thing to your own sister.


Who knows if I'll ever be able to deal with this. Because I frigging hate this so much. Every time. WHY DO ROMANCE AUTHORS THINK WE WANT TO READ THIS CRAP?? Why is this a continuous trope? Why do heroines ALWAYS forgive? 




That's a real question, because I have to know who actually likes reading a heroine getting shit on and then forgiving and forgetting because that's super cool or whatever the hell.