Brave the Heat - Sara  Humphreys

I'm already hating the heroine. She left town, leaving the hero (and everyone else) without a word 15 years ago. She's back now and in their first encounter he had some underlying bitterness and anger. She acknowledges that it's her fault, but then thinks that she has her share of anger at him as she considers that what he did AFTER she left was a betrayal to her and something for which he should apologize. Turns out she did call back a few days after leaving and a "friend" told her that he had started screwing some other girl. She never contacted him. (Why would he not be the one she called if she "loved" him so much?) Never talked to him again. Took the story at face value and ran.


Like, even if that story were true (and I didn't even buy it and I don't know these people) she was gone. She broke his heart. Devastated him. How is that a betrayal of her? She says he must not have loved her as much as he said he did. Er, woman, you ran out of town without a word. You didn't trust him with what was going on. You didn't love him enough to even say goodbye. But he betrayed you and you think he should apologize to you? What? (Not to mention he's basically been alone and pining away for her this whole time and she married some rich dude five years after leaving.)

Maybe I could deal with it if she were thinking of her tumultuous thoughts when this was happening when she was 18, but no, even now she claims to have anger and thinks he "betrayed" her until she got the real story.


Of course, so far, she has not had to apologize to anyone for her actions or explain herself. Her BFF is one of those that will prop her up no matter what (she even had to go through herculean lengths to even FIND the heroine after she blew town and is perfectly fine with that). Everyone in town just kind of expects that the hero will forgive her and they'll be together and he'd be cast as the asshole if he didn't. A point that's moot now since once he found out she was divorced he was suddenly sunshine and roses asking her for a do-over. And he asked for it without asking her to at least explain herself. (He did ask afterward. She refused to explain. Still.)


How does he know she won't do something like that again? That he can trust her (I assume forthcoming) proclamations of love? We'll see how this resolves but I get the feeling she's going to be let off the hook completely which will annoy the bejesus out of me. I'm not sure if the author can pull out an explanation and apology that will get me to stop disliking her, but, again, we'll see. I'm just glad she ended up marrying a bastard. (Okay, maybe not the extent to which he was a bastard, but I'm just glad it wasn't a happy marriage at all.)



P.S. The audiobook narrator's voices are annoying.