Stolen: A Letter to My Captor - Lucy Christopher
I read the synopsis every time I come across this book. Even though the subject of abduction is right up my alley, I have serious, serious concerns about how this book might handle the subject. Especially with the way contemporary YA romanticizes incredibly unhealthy, disturbing relationships and calls it love (especially because the boy is 'ohmygosh so hot and he wants me!'). As well as the lack of realism in dealing with serious psychological issues or suffering of consequences for character's actions. Plus, it's an adult kidnapping a child, and I am just very nervous. Right now, I'm obviously tipping toward giving it at least a good faith reading, YA or not. Mostly for the fact that my curiosity is piqued every time I see it, I just saw another synopsis that said there's no sexual abuse which was one of my biggest concerns, and, at least in the reviews I'm seeing, the book actually does present Gemma's reactions to Ty as Stockholm Syndrome and that's a really good sign.