Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens
I can't decide between three and four stars for this (as well as Still Missing). This was a pretty good read overall. Once again the protagonist, Sara, is relaying the events of the story to her psychiatrist. While I like the idea, it gets rather awkward for me when she's telling Nadine (the psychiatrist) something that is obviously repetitive between the two, or when Sara is describing the events that happened to her between sessions I get struck by how much detail there is of every little action and feeling. It's not really bad, just awkward. I liked the progression of the story and the characters reactions to what was happening. There were definitely plenty of edge-of-your-seat moments that made the book enjoyable. My biggest problem was the way Sara let people treat her and talk to her. I was really hoping she'd tell several people off (especially her adoptive father, he made me incredibly angry) and she didn't. She even apologized to some of them to head off further conflict! I also think if she had told some of these people off and kept perspective she would have seen the ending coming at her. Stevens like to pull out the one – out of nowhere – twist at the end. In Still Missing the twist, while unnecessary, flowed naturally from the story. I didn't even question it because it was obvious to me that the person would do what they did. In this book, the twist was just unnecessary. It wasn't bad, and I had been yelling at Sara in my crazy way to pay attention to what was being said and done, and it turns out I was right. Still, I really didn't think the twist flowed as naturally here. It felt like it was added in because maybe readers would expect it after Still Missing. However, I really do like the shades of gray it introduced regarding one of the characters. It added a level of complexity to them that I wasn't expecting.