Love Irresistibly - Julie James
I can't express how disappointed I am that the hero of this book isn't Sam Wilkins. I knew it was between Cade and Sam (and you can see me trying to guess in my status updates for [b:About That Night|11235783|About That Night (FBI / US Attorney, #3)|Julie James||16161897]), but since Sam didn't get his moment in book two I was hoping his time would be now. I am legit sad and it has kind of dampened my excitement for the book a lot. That said, I am, of course, going to read this. JJ is my favorite contemporary romance author, and I am guaranteed a good story.Side note: She envisioned Cade as Matt Bomer, which is a giant plus. And he's probably a character actually worthy of the fantastic Mr. Bomer.ETA:RT @juljames: @**** Haven't decided yet about Wilkins. Could be a book, a novella, or we may just assume he rode off into the sunset with Rae. :) — August 21, 2012Poor Wilkins. I'm a little heartbroken. ETA 2:RT @juljames: @**** Funny, I was just thinking about potential story ideas for Wilkins last night.RT @juljames: @**** Nothing concrete yet, but if the right idea grabs me, I'd love to do Wilkins story. — September 25, 2012So, there's some hope (however minor)! At least she's thinking about it and kicking around ideas. Let's hope she's getting all of our pleas and it's wearing her down. (And this possibility is making me a little less grumpy at LI).