Fifty Shades Trilogy - E.L. James
My review of what encapsulates the first two "books". My review of the third.Highlights: *It reads like it was written by a semi-literate 12-year-old. It is that bad.*This is Twilight fan fiction. Not "inspired" by, not "Twilight for adults." It is Bella. It is Edward. Those are Twilight plot points. It is not original fiction. It was also cobbled together from a bunch of other fanfics. There is nothing original about it.*This is not a romance. It is an affront to the romance genre and everyone who reads real romance novels.*Real erotica is not this badly written.*This has nothing to do with BDSM. This is not real BDSM. It is an insult to the lifestyle and everyone who participates in it.*The relationship depicted is abusive. They are not in a BDSM relationship. That is made clear. And yet: He overpowers her. He isolates her. He makes her fear him. He threatens physical abuse against her when she doesn't obey his commands. He tells her he wants to beat the shit out of her. She feels she has to do things she truly doesn't want to please him. That's not romantic. That's abuse. *I am embarrassed and disgusted by the free world for supporting this pilfered, terribly written tripe.Go read some real books by real authors.