Sleepers, Awake - Eden Barber
I'm running out of ways to mock this crap. Or these speshul snowflakes that believed their own hype from the fandom circle jerks that told them their stories are 'sooooo good, it should be published!' when, in reality, no one was allowed to tell the truth or give criticism. You think authors and fangirl/boys on Goodreads are ridiculous? It has nothing on fandom. Any fandom. And you can clearly see the continuation of the sycophantic clit-sucking here on Goodreads through the bevy of five star reviews that pop up for all of these fics. I was basically scammed into reading this thing by a friend who was supposed to read a story of my choosing but didn't. Now I'm even more pissed off than I was at the time.The worst, and most pathetic, part of this particular instance is this fic writer could have written original fiction with her own characters and it probably would have been worth reading. And now anything she ever writes will be suspect and not worth touching.I'll concede the story was creative. Definitely. But it was also so fucking boring I wanted to start physically harming myself for something interesting to distract me. Bella, or whatever she's parading as in this fanfic masquerading as a book, is just as weak and pathetic as she is in the source material. It's basically what would have happened if book!Bella continued into adulthood without supernatural intervention. You slog through this entire snoozefest waiting for her to grow a fucking spine, become a real live girl, or something. And then when she finally does show signs of life outside her crazy-ass dream world — it's rendered . . . immaterial.Don't waste your time. And if you insist on doing so, download the original online free and don't support this fic writer or her fandom "publisher". Oh, and tell the wolves I said what's up.