The Secret Life of EL James: an unauthorized biography - Marc Shapiro
The Secret Life of E.L. James, eh? What's the secret?That she's actually fully literate? Because her writing would suggest otherwise.That she didn't just find out about sex? Okay, well, she's a mother so obviously she didn't, and it's not secret. But, again, going by her writing one has to wonder.Okay, how about she did more than read other people's fan fiction and watch movies as "research" about BDSM? Well, I think we all know the answer to that.Does she have a shred of integrity?Any ethics to speak of?Or morals, like, at all?Does she even know where the Pacific Northwest is?Does she care about any human being other than herself?Maybe cares that she insulted the people who helped her get where she is?Does she know what domestic abuse is?If she does, is she okay with it?Is she seriously so heinous she truly feels like she was forced into, and wasted time, writing several thousand God-awful words for charity? CHILDREN'S CHARITY. Or maybe the secret is the extent to which she stole from those other fan fictions and movies, outside of the characters, plot, and scenes with words changed she took directly from Twilight?Maybe it's how much work went into all that stealing, and then the simply changing slight details and claiming it's original work? I'm sure that was so difficult for her.But I think the number one secret we would all love the answer to is: What, exactly, were the terms of the deal with Satan that resulted in the inexplicable popularity and improbable financial success of such a poorly written, porn without plot Twilight fan fiction? If any of the above questions were adequately addressed, honestly, I'd maybe consider reading this as it's on NetGalley. But from what I've seen it's just another sycophantic cash-grab that has the audacity to compare ELJ to real authors, with talent, who write original fiction, and dismiss all criticisms against this woman claiming that we would all do what ELJ did.Sorry, Mr. Shapiro, if you've discovered you have a similar lack of ethics and integrity you'll have to deal with that on your own. Don't speak for the rest of us.If you're looking for actual truth, read through some of these links.