Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren
What I said about the first installment applies here as well. I wasn't going to add or rate this one, but I've lost all patience with this bullshit. Beautiful Bastard is Twlight fan fiction. If you don't understand that 20% is – in the words of a friend of mine – still a percent, you maybe need to go back to elementary school. It is still fan fiction. It will always be fan fiction, and so will anything based upon it. Beautiful Stranger, therefore, is Twilight fan fiction. Don't use the someone else's work, use a fandom, sell your "books" based on it being fan fiction and then whine that people are labeling it as such.ETA: I wasn't aware that I had to point out something so basic but this is quite clearly labeled as Beautiful Bastard #2. Meaning, it is tied to Beautiful Bastard. I'm not sure what series people are reading where the subsequent books aren't tied to the previous ones, but I'll stick with my experience on the matter.There is no spin, there's no justification that makes what they've done here okay. They are just as awful as EL James and every other P2Per. They are absolutely no better. It's sad so many people are discarding any shred of integrity they had to support these unethical users and coming up with absolute bullshit to try and defend supporting them while speaking against others. I implore all of you reading this to support real authors and real books.