Beach House Beginnings (Beach House No. 9, #.5) - Christie Ridgway
Kind of an okay story. Skipped a lot of steps, even for a novella. I think Caleb moved too fast (even though I get why), and I felt Meg was kind of overreacting to what happened in her past. Her love died, he didn't cheat, abuse her, or make any choice that could have caused her to believe there are no happy endings. If there's one thing we're all sure of it's that everyone is going to die. It doesn't make sense to close yourself off because of it. The story didn't engage me like I would have hoped. I wasn't impressed with skimming over the time they spent together getting to know each other for sex scenes. There were three, which felt like a bit much for such a short novella and they were a case study in why romance authors need to move away from describing everything/being explicit. Aside from the dreaded euphemism there were too many "drenched tissues" and just…words. To describe…everything (at least in the first one, the second two were shorter but still somewhat cringe inducing). And even with all the preceding text, the end was still eye-rolling insta-love.I really hope the novels are better (I'm on the wait list at my library for the first book). That a full story will include more elements that will get me more invested in the story and characters than this novella did.