Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch - B.J. Daniels
This is another 3.5. Which shocks the hell out of me. I keep reading these little Harlequin books hoping to like them and most of the time they are two-stars. The real shame of it is that this is a free book. It has been free for years, while the other ones cost money.The only real complaints I had were:-The slow reveal of what happened five years ago. I hate that. Stop mentioning and dropping hints about this mysterious five years ago and just tell me what the hell happened! I had already guessed one part of it by page 25 yet it wasn't revealed in the story until page 110. -A chunk of the book passes with not much happening. -Small details: there are a couple of typos, and confusion of secondary character names. For instance, in one chapter a deputy is introduced as Liza Turner, and a few chapters later she calls herself Deputy Stone while another deputy is Norm Turner.-Dana bordered on too stupid to live. She certainly did some things that fall squarely in the TSTL category.I liked the mystery and how it played out. Some parts of it were easily guessed, but I still had to wait until everything was revealed to get how it all came together. While, in the end, parts of it were a little confused, I still appreciated the story. I liked that Dana maintained her anger against her sister, Hud (even with giving into physical urges), and her other siblings. I like that the truth had to come out first and that it wasn't all convenient just to get everybody together again. I liked Hud. While I think he should have stayed around and fought instead of running away, he was a solid character and you could kind of understand his faults. Even the typical clean ending wrap up was fine with me, including this one plot point brought up throughout the book that screamed CONVENIENT CONTRIVED RESOLUTION just made me laugh and smile. Maybe because I knew it was coming, or because I had started to think it wasn't going to come and when it did I was like "THERE IT IS!" Or, and this is probably the greater reason, it screwed over a very unlikeable character.On paper, I think, I really shouldn't have liked this story, but something in the way it was written made it an entertaining, enjoyable read for me.