Something About You (FBI / US Attorney, #1) - Julie James
This review might be a little awkward, because I read the second book in the series first. I decided to go back and read this one and the second one again before reading the third, which just came out.I really enjoy reading Julie James books. Somehow she makes usual plot elements not feel as usual. It's probably my enjoyment of her characters and wit that accomplishes this, but even though I'll think how typical or predictable something is in my head, it doesn't feel that way. I'm sure that's a fairly nonsensical explanation, but it's the best way I can describe it.Like I said, I really enjoy James's characters. The secondary characters are often just as interesting and fun as the primary characters. Cameron is an Assistant U.S. Attorney who starts off the book witnessing (so to speak) a murder. Of course, the lead FBI agent investigating, Jack, was one with whom she had a professional falling out three years prior. Sparks fly immediately, but more because there is no love lost between the two. Still, their chemistry kind of leaps off the page. Cameron is another of her female characters that goes toe-to-toe easily with her male counterpart. Strong, intelligent, and willing to call him out. Jack is hard-nosed but not unyielding. He's willing to apologize when wrong and embrace his feelings for a woman. Although he is unreasonably jealous of the gay best friend. They didn't have the amazing sarcasm Nick and Jordan of Book 2 do, but their back and forth was fun to read. Though it technically started three years before the events of the book began, Cameron and Jack's growing attraction was organic to the characters and the situation instead of forced by the story. Which results in a couple you can enjoy and root for instead of wondering how they jumped from point A to D in almost no time. And in Julie James's hands it results in such satisfying sexual tension. Which evolves into satisfying and sensual love scenes (and one somewhat vicious Fade to Black).This is a romantic suspense, but one that focuses on the romance while the suspense provides just enough tension to propel the story forward. So the killer is revealed early on in the story. The only problem I have with this is that it was somewhat awkward that we switch to the killer's POV a few times but then not again for the rest of the story while he plots against our Heroine. I didn't mind the switch, but it wasn't entirely consistent when it was dropped.Some of the aspects of the undercover FBI work seemed a bit off. Especially, in this book, since an organized crime syndicate knows who Jack is. It's not a huge deal but something that is brought up that I don't feel is resolved. I may not have noticed it at all if it weren't for the fact my biggest problems with Book 2 have to do with Nick's undercover work.The book is written in third person limited with the first-person-like internal thoughts of the characters. While sometimes it can seem silly, it's not bad at all. And I most certainly prefer it to actual first person (especially when covering more than one character point of view). The only identifiable issue I had with this was Jack thinking of an article of clothing as a camisole without any prompting. It just didn't seem like something that would be a readily accessible part of his vocabulary.I do have to mention one of my newer pet peeves. I'm now wondering if Book 2 is what set this off in me because it happened so much in this book: the overuse of "she wore/he wore." There are plenty of ways to describe what a character is wearing without such a clinical introduction to it that basically halts the flow of the paragraph.Finally, I'm kind of disappointed she didn't give Wilkins, Jack's hilarious and adorable partner, a story. Even though I love, love, love Nick McCall of Book 2 (and I can't imagine I'm not going to love Kyle Rhodes of Book 3) he wasn't in this book at all while Wilkins was there the entire story. I can somewhat understand it seeming like a daunting thing, but I would have loved for her to say "screw it" and just write it. She did such a good job writing him throughout this book. I'm obviously assuming what the deciding factor could have been, and I could be way off base, but, to me, it shouldn't be such a big deal.Those few negatives in no way outweigh the positives of this book and these characters. This was just as entertaining a read as Book 2 with another leading man I found myself wishing wasn't so fictional and leading female I wished was my friend. Definitely worth the read and continuing on with the series.