The Braddock Boys: Colton (Braddock Boys, #4) - Kimberly Raye
Two words: Vampire. Cowboy.This had so much potential that was wasted. Even with the fact that these vampires feed on blood and sex equally.. . . yeah.The book teased an interesting plot but instead spent almost the entire book on them thinking about, talking about, playing about, and having sex. Sex sex sexsexsexsexsexsexsex. Good Lord. I don't get how so many pages of this book was expended on nothing. There was a lot on Shelly's idiotic personal ad, and a weird side-story with the town's former married-man screwer (why is there always one of those in small town books?). There wasn't much at all on the core family of the series. I'm sure much had been covered in the previous three books, but still too much backstory was left out of this one. Their background makes no sense to me. Why were they all turned? They were fine on the night everything went down. It really should have been explained here.When there was finally something to do with the plot, a huge bombshell (that it turns out wasn't really a bombshell, I thought Colton was seriously confused but it turned out I was since the situation wasn't adequately explained until much later, because . . .) , it was dropped immediately for the hero/heroine to have sex multiple times. This is after he shows her he's a vampire and her shock lasts all of 45 seconds before she was on her knees giving him head on the side of the road. I don't even.Then they were in love. They'd known each other three days and hardly had any conversation that didn't surround sex but they're in love. Sigh. It gave me insta-love whiplash.I don't know where the editor was on this book, but aside from the other issues there was a huge adjective problem. Not just "ripe" which I pointed out (ripe nipple, ripe mouth, ripe penis, everything ripe all the time!), but seriously every noun needed an adjective, often multiple. Which is probably why there was so much repetition. 'His decadent finger slid in a delicious fraction.' So, okay, they both weren't in the same sentence, but "decadent finger" and "delicious fraction" were actually used and a prime example of the ridiculous overuse of adjectives.The climax of the book made no sense at all. That's what happens when you try to shove plot into the final ten pages after wasting so much time. It could have been really interesting but instead was silly, confusing, and too brief.And there wasn't much cowboying with this vampire cowboy.