The Pride of Jared MacKade - Nora Roberts
I'm reading this series all out of order. I read three, four, and now two. Eventually I'll work my way to one. Hopefully it wont be as disappointing as this book. After Devin and Shane's stories I was expecting more and less obnoxious. Savannah was rocking one giant inferiority complex and was just rude and nasty to people who were being nice to her for no reason other than her own issues. She annoyed the crap out of me at the beginning of the book. She had her moments throughout the book, especially her childish stunt at the end, but she did get better for the most part. But when she did, Jared picked up the thread and became a barely tolerable slut-shaming idiot. I freaking hate that term but there is no other way to describe his stupidity. I kept hoping all three of his brothers would pound the ever-loving crap out of him. At least he was called out on his sexism by Savannah and his brothers. But at a certain point I didn't really want either of them together. Everything happened too fast, from love, to forgiveness. It jumped from one to the other, without showing how and why. They both acted stupid. This felt really different to the last two books. I'm also disappointed there weren't more scenes with all four brothers together. The last two books of the series were much better about that.