Houston, We Have A Problem - Erin McCarthy
There was a great premise and good characters here, but they were wasted on nothing but sex. Their getting together, their continued attraction, their love – all based on sex and sexual attraction. We weren't given anything else. Every conversation, what little there was, swung around to sex. Every scene with the two together ended up with sex/sexual activity. I really wanted to root for these two but it was hard when I couldn't identify any reason for them to be together beyond great sexytimes. It's obnoxious. This is one of those books that adds to my confusion of the difference between increasingly explicit romance and erotic romance. This is listed as romance but according to some people's definition it fits erotic romance more, in my opinion. In fact, the last book I read billed as erotic romance with an M/F relationship had a much greater foundation for a relationship between the Heroine and Hero than this book.I liked the characters personalities, and their humor. (Though her going on and on about her weight made me slightly crazy. Girl, your body is fine, you're wearing a bikini in public! SHUT UP.) There wasn't enough about their respective backgrounds, or the secondary stories. There were a lot of missed opportunities in this story. This is one of those books where I'm kind of baffled in the end at how I read so many pages. The best part of the story was the Hero's brush with a bull shark. It was a really compelling storyline, and I love that it didn't end the way you'd think it would for a book of this type. I just wish there was more about it. 2.5 stars.