Hot Rocks - Nora Roberts
A serviceable romantic suspense that was mostly enjoyable to read. I liked the characters a lot. They were witty and fun. And we get a Heroine who basically saves herself. The biggest problem with the story was Laine and Max's insta-love on speed. They went from meeting each other to engaged in, literally, three days. Errr...Still, though I continually scoffed at their declarations of love and excitement over their engagement, I still bought their relationship more than some other authors try to sell me even though the characters have known each other for a lifetime. So there's something to be said for the quality of storytelling (well, that at least it's better than others). The only other issue I had with the book was this plan they had at the end that had certain characters traveling all over the northeast and I felt they were all being stupid because the easiest plan was right in front of them. It's not a big deal, really, but it's one of those things that's so dumb I get stuck on it because the characters are smarter than that.3.5 stars.