Bachelor Undone - Brenda Jackson
There was so much repetition in words (especially), phrases, thoughts, and even paragraphs in this book it started to drive me crazy. Everything seemed to be repeated over and over and over. Or stated redundantly. For example, in case you don't get that he's hard we're told he's "hard and erect". Those mean the same thing in this context! There was a paragraph explaining the main characters' background, including how they met, that showed up a second time later on that was almost verbatim of the first. The story borders on porn without plot. I thought the characters she created with Darcy and York were decent and interesting but they were kind of wasted in this story because all they do is sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex and when you and even they think they've definitely had enough sex...they have more sex. There were some paragraphs indicating there was off screen talking. I guess we'll have to take their word for it. Aaaaand then they're in love. Well, sure. I totally believe that they're in love based on who the other person is and not the oh so amazing sex. Especially when about 98% of their thoughts about each other are about the ohmigodsoamazing sex. The sex scenes wanted to be hot. They definitely bordered on it, but they were also laugh-out-loud funny. Some of the word choices and thoughts the characters had were just plain funny, but none more than the guffaw I had when she asked him, not to come inside her, no, to "...let go inside of me. I want to feel your semen." And then that became a focus in the sex scenes. The suspense plot was...there. For what reason I don't know. It was pretty much just there to give them a reason to talk, but their past with each other made the need for such a pretense unnecessary. It provided such minor conflict, blown up into being something huge, I'm sure something else that wouldn't have seemed so forced could have taken its place. The ending was seriously rushed. If the falling in love was fast and unbelievable the rest of it gave me mental whiplash and a serious scowl. 2.5 stars