Dream of Me - Fern Michaels
I really don't understand what Mira/Harlequin was thinking reissuing these books. There are some novels that age well enough to be introduced to a modern audience, but these are certainly not in that category.The men of both novels were horrible misogynists. I kept hoping someone would kick them in the balls or something just to shut them up. And that is basically all we knew about them. The third person POV was limited to the women and there were very, very few conversations and no backstory given (even if something about their pasts were mentioned it was never explained).The women were such vapid, pathetic bimbos that you actually started seeing the misogynists' point. They were so stupid I was hoping they'd die just to deliver me from reading this thing. Both books had the worst cases of insta-love I've ever read. There was no rhyme or reason for it, simply the audience being told they're in love. The writing left a lot to be desired. It read like a college freshman's creative writing first draft. I kept wondering if anyone actually read the story after it was written. The first book completely escapes me. I don't really know what happened because it was like a series of scenes thrown together. There was no motivations given for actions. Something seemingly important would happen, someone would say something that needed discussing and it was never brought up again. There was no continuity. The story resolves but how? They never discussed anything! She acts like an idiot, he's a brooding moron, there are issues of some sort (trust me, they don't make sense at all) but apparently none of it needed to be talked out.I was hoping the second book would be better. I have no idea how, but it was worse. This one at least read as a cohesive story but again there was no delving into characters or plot. It was this woman making one stupid decision after another. And when you think there's no way she could make another stupid decision, couldn't do something else idiotic, couldn't be more of a dolt, couldn't possibly let herself be walked over and used with no qualms for the sake of this man she's known for five minutes, she somehow managed to take it a step further and end up in an even more stupid situation. I can't wrap my head around what happens. And, again, the story ends and the big issues between them go away with no talking, no resolution just her giddy over getting to serve him since he threw her an ounce of affection. I honestly can't remember the last time I read a book with a female protagonist who was this pathetic. I started super skimming just so I could finish because I literally started throttling the book. I wish I had a way to safely set it on fire because I would do so with glee. I have so much book reader and female rage right now it would take an act violence against the book to assuage it.