Snowbound With The Bodyguard - Carla Cassidy
Finally. FINALLY.It's been awhile. Why do I keep reading these little single parent romance novels? This book is the reason.I loved this.Usually I would have been doing literal facepalms at how stupid the characters or their actions were. That wasn't the case with this book. I outright understood Dalton's and Janette's actions or at least I could understand them based on their pasts or the present circumstances. For all of Janette's pointing out how uneducated she is (there is a reason, but I wish she would have stopped – it doesn't equate to intelligence), she didn't run around like a flaky ditz like we so often see with these Heroines. Some actions of hers that I wouldn't have taken myself I understood were the actions of a mother/woman with a five-month-old baby.I love that Cassidy didn't cop out on what happened to Janette. I've read stories where the writing makes it seem like a certain act occurred but then it ends up being something ridiculous because the author apparently couldn't go through with what they started. Nor did she get preachy or defensive about Janette's choices.There were several adorable moments with Dalton and little Sammy that I just loved. He was smart. He almost always did or thought of what I thought he should. Actually, they both did. I was almost fist pumping. It was awesome. His reticence in the end felt somewhat drawn out, but I also think it was definitely necessary considering what he had been through the previous year.I really had few complaints. Most of them weren't worth mentioning or even remembering. A few were spawned from my pessimism. For instance, I didn't get why she decided to wait until after dinner to play him the tape. And I wanted him to grab the tape and take off to make copies and lock up the original then immediately play it for his Sheriff brother. In my head a lot of things could have happened to that tape and I wanted it secured. While I'm on the subject I just want to say that it was a little weird to me that they had sex within five minutes of him hearing what was on the tape. Some people may be disappointed with the climax, but I love that it was realistic, wasn't silly, and didn't overreach. I hate when an author writes him/herself into some big, epic showdown and can't deliver on it. What happened in this story was ultimately just right.Honestly, I'm bullet pointing the negatives. I don't usually do this, but I don't really feel the need to get into them too much.*There was a bit of repetition in the text. Several things were said exactly the same way a few times throughout the book. And honestly, he didn't need to be referred to as Sheriff Brandon Sinclair or Brandon Sinclair every single time his name was mentioned.*They knew each other for not even a week and they were in love? I don't know why romance authors so often find it necessary to have the Hero and Heroine fall in love so quickly. Especially in a tense, life-threatening situation such as this. Dalton's fear was a legitimate one anyway, even without having had the prior experience. I would have been fine with them being really into each other and the book ending with them staying together to see where the relationship goes. It'd feel far more realistic to me.*The epilogue was unnecessary. I'm not sure if the point was to give a wink and a nod to a previous book or give us more information on Janette and Dalton but I didn't need it. In fact, I was kind of WTF at one element of it. They got married in a month in a half? Why? That makes the insta-love even worse. Also, suddenly getting married two weeks before your sister's wedding? Oooh. I think weddings are ridiculous and I still think that's thunder-stealing.The few negatives and the fact the story didn't have as much depth as it could have had (though I think we got a lot more depth than usual for this type of book) is the reason it's four stars instead of five.