Heidi and the Kaiser - Selena Kitt
Disgusting.That is the best word to describe my feelings on this "book." I thought it would be an entertaining, light read. That is not what this is. There was very little by way of description, back story, or substance to any of the characters. There wasn't even enough information about Heidi. Certainly nothing that would give any indication as to why she has absolutely no self-respect or self-worth (and, newsflash, this is not the signature of a submissive). I'm sure the author thought this would be titillating and ultimately sweet. Instead it was demeaning and degrading.This is not a D/s story about a boss and his secretary with a happily ever after. If that is what you're looking for, I suggest you run in the other direction. This is a story about a woman who allows herself to become absolutely nothing more than a human sex toy for her boss's personal and professional use. Yes, you read that right, professional use. She doesn't care, however, as she has somehow developed feelings for him (though there has been nothing between them other than his professional commands and their brief encounters in the office) and any other ambition she had is lost in her need to serve him - in any and every way he desires. "Heidi would do anything" doesn't even begin to describe it. The supposed "happy ending" will have you rolling your eyes, cringing in disgust, and praying that the both of them are sterile.Please, save yourself the rage and disgust and find a read that is actually sexy and romantic, there are plenty out there. This is most certainly not it.