Ramona and the Renegade - Marie Ferrarella
Ugh, everyone in this book needed a giant cup of shut the fuck up. Except when it came to how the Hero and Heroine felt about each other, because then, of course, they refused to say anything, made assumptions and even both decided to leave town forever thinking the other didn't want them. Because it's just soooo hard to use your words like a damn adult. So freaking stupid. Joe was a pain in the ass and I'm not sure he's not an idiot. Mona went beyond prickly to just plain unpleasant. She's the kind of asshole who would shoot herself in the head simply because you told her not to. They spent very little time together. Most of their scenes together were silly and inconsequential, and the one potentially good scene with them — where he apparently took her out to the reservation — was skimmed over in a quick aside that came out of nowhere in the middle of the sex scene. The time they did spend together they didn't really say anything. And anything he did say, she'd bite his head off for it. They never even had a discussion about their relationship, but suddenly they're getting married. It was a terrible romance.Then there was the returned mother storyline. The bulk of my rage about that is in my status updates comments. Just awful. The narrative painted the absentee mother as a victim and Mona as an awful shrew for not forgiving her immediately. She was in the wrong and unfair, and her mother deserved to be heard and have a second chance. It's all about family. Family is sooo important! Not enough for this woman to be there for her children for 26 years of their lives, but that's just water under the bridge! The whole thing was ludicrous and rage inducing. I hate this plot point so much. Damn near every time.It's even more irritating this was so bad because I would have loved to have had a book with a Native American hero and part Native American Heroine to recommend. 1.5 stars, rounded down because screw this book. I skimmed heavily just to get through the end.