A Baby on the Ranch: A Baby on the RanchRamona and the Renegade - Marie Ferrarella
This rating is just for A Baby on the Ranch. I'll deal with Ramona and the Renegade here. This had potential, but it was really rather annoying. I didn't feel the least bit sorry for either the Hero or Heroine. Too many dumbass choices. (Her choosing to run after the flashy football star instead of the sweet guy right there. And him covering for said football star in all the awful crap he did while claiming she was his best friend.) Neither of them could get up the gumption to just say what they were feeling. The whole thing was them ignoring what the other has said or done and questioning everything or refusing to say what they wanted and felt so as to not spook the other thus going around in a frustrating circle. I wanted to throttle them both. The book ends without Eli ever confessing how long he has had feelings for her. That was a let down. And, Kasey, Jebus, if you really needed Eli to tell you what to do about the husband who abandoned you and your two day old son, leaving you homeless, there is just no hope for you.