Seducing the Colonel's Daughter / The Secret Soldier - Jennifer Morey
I'm just rating Seducing the Colonel's Daughter here. (I'll rate The Secret Soldier separately.) Meh story. Turns out it's almost an exact rehash of The Secret Soldier. Heroine with daddy issues is kidnapped and rescued by Hero who reminds her of her absent daddy, who loves her and wants to be a father to her. Good thing I didn't realize TSS came first and read them in order because it was done so much better in that book. In this one the pacing was weird. A lot of things in the story didn't make sense, weren't resolved, resolved too easily. Rayleen acted like an idiot way too much. There were stupid chapters from the POV of the criminal characters that really didn't add anything to the story and everything about that Jada woman pissed me off. The suspense storyline wrapped up too easily and kind of stupidly, as well as the romance. 2.5 stars.My review of The Secret Soldier. 3.5 stars.