Night Whispers - Judith McNaught
Oh, thank the Book Gods. I was so scared I was going to hate this. I loved [b:Perfect|129617|Perfect (Second Opportunities #2)|Judith McNaught||1391556] but then I hated [b:Every Breath You Take|129613|Every Breath You Take|Judith McNaught||1180004] with the fiery passion of a thousand suns, so it was a real toss up as to whether or not I'd enjoy this. There was a lot in the blurb that said to me I might hate this book too, but it worked out in such a way that I did like it.While the pacing of the book was pretty weird, I liked the progression of the story and couldn't immediately guess who was guilty of what.I pretty much liked all of the characters (except, of course, Carter) and cared about them. I felt a lot of apprehension throughout at how hurt certain characters were going to be when the truth unraveled. It turns out one of the characters was actually in Perfect and I didn't realize until it was explained at the end of the book (I read Perfect two years ago) but I definitely remember them from that book. I'm not sure why, but it excited me to no end to find that out. I actually want to read that book again now.The only things I didn't like were that Sloan continually felt the need to make people feel better about Carter. Screw that asshole! He should have everyone hate him. There's no excuse for what he did. Especially blaming it on his mommy. He was a grown ass man. And the ending dropped the ball. I wanted, no I think we needed, more of that final scene. There needed to be more words between them. That epilogue was utterly useless. The first part was a total waste of irrelevant words and there were just a lot of things that were left unmentioned and questions unanswered. I might have been able to deal with that if it just ended with the last chapter, but with that epilogue I would expect to know much more than we were given. It felt really rushed, like she had to turn it in in a half hour and just typed up something really quickly. 3.5 stars. Down from four for the pacing and that ending.