The Submissive (The Submissive #1) - Tara Sue Me
And yet another Twilight fan fiction. Same title, even the same pen name. Yet another speshul snowflake. A lot of people want to give this woman a pass (and are coming up with hilarious bullshit to excuse it – pathetic hypocrisy at its finest) because they like her. She's no different than any of the other morally bankrupt people engaging in this unethical, repugnant practice.Now, I'll give credit where it's due: This is the fanfic from which E.L. James stole most of her ideas that weren't ripped directly from Twilight. It was the first. It came before. I know most of her little fangirls are going to try to rewrite history and claim the reverse. Don't believe it.And of course, unlike FSoG it reads like it was written by a literate adult. But make no mistake, this is fan fiction. Even with them being adults and the BDSM it ties closely to the source material.Please don't support these people, or their publishers, in any way. Give your money to real books by real authors who didn't have to cheat off of others' work.