A Taste of Romance - Michele Hauf, Tara Taylor Quinn, Debbi Rawlins, Jennifer Morey
These were all really short novellas and suffered from that fact. They all read like there was a strict word count and none of the authors could adequately tell their story within that limit. Also, it's okay if story doesn't have declarations of love or sex if cramming it in there doesn't make sense. Thankfully this was free.The Reaper's HeartPretty ridiculous story all the way around. The resolution was awfully convenient.The Good GirlI think there's something to irritate everyone in this story. The thing that annoyed me most probably wouldn't annoy anyone else and the character that irritated me the least everyone else would hate most. Any Man of MineI liked this one until the end where it ends really abruptly.Secret Agent SeductionI liked this one, too, mostly. I didn't like that they jumped into bed after knowing each other 10 minutes, five of which people were shooting at them, and he was supposed to be protecting her (though he was thrown into that position). Then she spent the rest of the story going on about having done so.