The Doctor's Guardian - Marie Ferrarella
Entertaining enough read, though the suspense plot is pretty light. I enjoyed the characters a lot. The biggest problem I had was the useless epilogue. The way the book ended was nice enough (insta-everything as these books typically go, but nice). There was only one question left to be answered whether or not Erika, the Hero's grandmother, was going to be okay. Nika simply thinking that she "just knew" she was is pretty ridiculous, yet the epilogue didn't do that. It was a seriously typical deal (the type of thing I have complained about before in romance epilogues) that just focused on the Heroine and her family and didn't even bring in the Hero and his family member (which was way more important! see: above spoiler). So a book that I had enjoyed reading was brought down a lot in the end by an epilogue that just ticked me off for being utterly unnecessary. Those pages could have been used to shore up the Heroine/Hero's relationship more for the reader. Or adding more depth to the suspense plot. Something!