The Rebel  - Jessica Bird, J.R. Ward
Meh. Probably more like 2.5. It was pretty bland, predictable, and full of contrivances. I can't really work up a lot of steam to go in depth about this. Other than Frankie, the Heroine, who was pretty awful. She was dreadful to Nate, the Hero, out of the gate for no reason whatsoever. She couldn't even find it within herself to say "thank you" after he swooped in out of nowhere to save her business that first night. She was constantly nasty to him and thinking the worst of him, again, for no reason. If it weren't for Nate's patience and forgiving nature this wouldn't have much of a romance novel as anyone else would have bailed or stopped trying period.I could have done without the random secondary character POVs as well. They didn't add anything to the story and books two and three of this series belongs to them anyway. At this point I'm not all that interested in reading the other books.