Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire
11/3/12: Man, that was a long three months. At least it felt long when I was trying to read this. Proper review, or something approximating one, to come.8/02/12: Okay, DON'T call my family. They don't need to be notified. I have changed my mind and I'm going to push through this because Atria saw fit to give this woman money to mass produce this thing and now Warner Brothers will be making some generic show or movie based on it. So, let's see what they thought was worth that money.4/28/12: Well, the plan was to attempt to read this. I only managed to get a few pages in before the physical feeling of hearing nails on chalkboard became unbearable, and thinking about what was to come in the story I lost the will to live. So, for my sanity, I will not be continuing this one. If, someday, I do – please be worried. Someone in my family may need to be notified.See comments for more.