Stolen Fury (Stolen Trilogy, #1) - Elisabeth Naughton
I ended up liking this story a good deal. I think if there was an editing spit shine it might have been a solid four stars. There was too much repetition of words and phrases. It got to be distracting. (And resulted, I think, in gardenias being referred to as a "sexy flower".) The description of eyes were too plentiful and tedious as well. She had emerald pools, gems, etc. His were obsidian. It made me cringe a little. There were too many cliffhangers, which feels odd to say about a completed novel, but some ostensibly gasp-inducing thing would happen and then we'd cut to what other characters were doing. The climax of the story got to be a little unrealistic after everything in the Bahamas back in Miami she had a 50 foot drop from a bridge into the water and was unscathed even though the person she had been fighting with died (though that person was scared of water, so I'm assuming that's the reason). Then Rafe just happened to be there at the time on his boat. It was a little too coincidental.I didn't understand the apparent miscommunication at the end. He didn't talk to her, just took off to "give her time". But . . . she didn't need time. If they had talked she would have told him she wanted him. The three week separation and angst was unnecessary. It was confusing, like I had missed something that would have prompted the situation. It marred the ending for me some.Rafe started out super skeevy to me in his actions in Milan. Then he was rather obnoxious when he'd be hurt or irritated when Lisa made assumptions about him based on him being a thief. But I really got to like him a lot. He had a conscience. He was caring, loving, and sweet.I loved Lisa. She was snarky, strong and pretty kick ass at times. She wasn't pushed around, she'd fight along side the men and did some saving herself. While I think she missed asking some pertinent questions, I don't think at any point I wanted to yell, "Ugh, why are you so stupid?!"I liked the two of them together a lot. Even though it was a short amount of time I bought their relationship and their feelings. I could see why they fell for each other and that they really did care about the other for more than sex. I liked the suspense storyline. Both with finding the Furies and the mystery of who was behind hunting Rafe and Lisa down.The love scenes were pretty steamy. I think I liked them a lot more since she went out of her way to not use silly euphemisms. Except when things like this happened: "Their joining was slow and slick, heated rod against clenching glove." Yikes. But it was a rare occurrence, thankfully.Even with the issues I had, and that I think the order of the stories of the next two books in the series is odd, I'll still read them. I think I rate this one between 3 and 3.5 stars.