Attachments - Rainbow Rowell
This was one of the books I read while studying for the bar. I needed light, fluffy, and sweet and this book delivered that and much more. I loved it.The story follows Lincoln, the IT guy of a newspaper who works overnights so he doesn't really have to deal with people and the job is fairly easy. Until the paper decides to institute a program that flags e-mails that aren't strictly about work or are inappropriate since e-mail was a fairly new office tool back then and management didn't want it abused. Back when you ask? Well, Lincoln had to oversee part of the Y2K preparation plan. Ah, Y2K. Remember when. Ick, now I'm feeling old, moving on… Even though he's very uncomfortable with reading his co-workers e-mail, Lincoln is tasked with reading what's flagged and sending warning e-mails to the offenders. Poor IT guys. I remember sending inappropriate e-mails at work all the time, and I would always say hi to the guys reading them later because I just knew I was getting flagged. They never said anything though, haha.This is how Lincoln "meets" Beth. Beth and her friend Jennifer e-mail all day every day. Though he's supposed to email the two and tell them to keep it professional, there is something about the missives that draws him in and he finds himself unable to shut down his only means of contact with her. He knows his e-mail peeping is wrong and he struggles with it throughout the book, but he can't seem to help himself. Oh, yeah, I see your hand preparing for the facepalm. I know that's what's in your head right now, but I swear he isn't YA Hero creepy (and he has found kind of a kindred spirit in Beth). [Edit: I've been reminded of some things I forgot (the hazard of writing a review eight months later) and, okay, he's slightly more stalkery than I made him out to be. Still not in an "OMG get a restraining order!" way though.] That's not to say you won't facepalm, because you will, but Lincoln is entirely relatable in a very human and realistic way. I could envision myself in the same scenario and being torn on what to do with myself. Lincoln is absolutely adorable and probably one of the most unlikely romance Heros you'll read. He's shy, and doesn't date. He plays Dungeons and Dragons with a small group of friends and I find that so cute even though I don't know why. He lives at home with his mother and plays mediator between her and his sister. And at the beginning of the book he's not in a place to change that. He is a truly sweet guy I want to snuggle – both the Lincoln we follow and the college version we hear about throughout the story (suffering an experience that kind of puts him into this holding pattern).I love Beth. She's such a caring character with a sharp wit. And she makes the best references. I can absolutely see why Lincoln fell for her. Hell, I started to want to date her myself. I found it strange I was able to connect with Beth the way I did since we only get glimpses into her life through her e-mails with Jennifer (who I also really liked), but it was so well done I didn't feel like I was missing out on her. Yep, I said e-mails. A gimmick that is typically ridiculous and poorly done. Except this book is a lesson in how to pull something like that off without it feeling gimmicky at all. After reading the synopsis of the book they seemed like a natural way for that part of the story to unfold. I loved that we got to be voyeuristic with Lincoln and only know about Beth what he knows. Everything that was in the e-mails made sense. At no point was I thinking, "Who in the hell writes e-mails like this?" It was simply two close friends, who couldn't stand at each other's desks all day, writing about what's going on in their lives. There are some great chance meetings Lincoln has with the two of them and some reveals that I won't spoil for you but I thought were great and made me giddy. While you might expect what's coming, the journey in getting there and through it was still incredibly fun.The only thing in this book that disappointed me was the ending. And not at all in the way you think: I just needed more! We spend the entire book with Lincoln pining for her and Beth pining for him, and then we get very, very little time with them together as a couple (and God are they an adorable couple). I know that I usually want way more in a story than anyone else. Like I would have loved to read about him telling her about Sam. And him really telling her everything that went on with him during the time he was reading their e-mails, etc. But I knew I wouldn't get that. Rarely do we get things like that. I was hoping, at least, we'd get more time with them being a couple. Really falling in love with each other. Not just the image, or the words, but each other. Just…more. I think if I had gotten that it would have taken this from somewhere over four stars to a five star book for me.Still, so much of the book made me smile and happy. It was like Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey for my brain during bar study. The writing was clean, fun and witty. I loved the characters, I even loved the POV change/e-mails. It is a light, fluffy read that I highly recommend.