Lucky's Lady - Tami Hoag
Pretty much your typical early-90's romance. I liked the plot of the story, even though it could be way too generic in places. Etienne "Lucky" Doucet (I love that name, so much) is, again, your typical romantic hero. Big, broad, and brooding. He has a difficult past and, of course, that has caused him to become reclusive and apt to hold everyone at arm's length or further. Basically, the warrior with the heart of gold. For some reason, though, some of his secrets – especially one that is rather pertinent to Serena – never comes out. I don't know why we didn't get to see him telling her (or her finding out in some way). He knew hers. Serena started off great for me. She has a mouth on her. Unfortunately, she only used it on Lucky. She let her terrible twin sister get away with murder (almost literally) without ever really confronting her. She figured out what her grandfather was doing with her, and let him get away with it. She just had to see the good in everyone and that eventually put her in a too stupid to live scenario. While it was definitely a hero propping moment, there were better ways to get to it than to make her look incredibly dumb.While there is a lot that is typical about this story, and the way the romance evolves, I have to say that I loved the setting. Thankfully I'm not from Louisiana, so I can feel that way. It is a neat setting for a book, and not in the usual Louisiana setting of New Orleans.Overall, a somewhat enjoyable read. I just wish some of the characters got more of a comeuppance and that Serena made me facepalm a lot less.