Family Affair - Debbie Macomber
And Verizon Internet crapped out just as I hit save on this review. It wasn't long but I still want to cry a little. I think I got everything back, if not the same wording. *sigh*This was a short, saccharine little thing. Basically someone asked her to write a story with cats, and she came through. I am not even close to being a cat person, but that part of the story was minor and only served as a catalyst (*rimshot*) for our diffident couple to get closer to each other. I liked the infatuated neighbor story, a lot. I loved that there were actual dates and hanging out and getting to know each other before anything physical happened. Lacey was sweet and had endured a lot of hurt before we met her. Still, she could be kind of frustrating, until the end where she was sort of annoying. Jake was adorable, he made me want more of the two of them, until the end where he got kind of confusing. In the last nine pages of the book there was suddenly some unnecessary drama added in, for what reason – other than forcing the inevitable conclusion – I really don't know. I couldn't understand what Jake and Lacey were saying to each other beyond Lacey overreacting before they could start a discussion. It's like they lost the ability to communicate with each other, and I was right there with them. The writing was pretty simple but it was meant to be a quick little book. And the dialogue sometimes felt like it didn't quite fit in the present day time period. Otherwise, the majority of the story was a solid three until the end, which brought it down some.