The Ideal Man (Buchanan-Renard #9) - Julie Garwood
Read only if you like Pollyanna "turn the other cheek no matter what someone says or does to you" B.S. The book is filled with terrible/evil people and gutless/spineless weenies. By the end I was rooting for everyone to get murdered. The characters were weak. The suspense was weak. The romance was exceptionally weak. The Ideal Man? No. The ideal man would not have been okay with the way the family of the woman he cares about abused her. I thought that at least he would be on her side. That she'd finally have someone in her corner. Instead he also tells her to "play nice" and dismisses her feelings on the matter. And Max's "proposal" at the end? What the ever-loving hell? Did anyone find that romantic? This was the first Julie Garwood book I've read and I don't think I'll be reading another if she writes more characters that get away with behaving this way. I only kept reading because I thought Ava would get hers in the end. That, at minimum, Ellie would call her the despicable whore she is (Ava slept with her fiancè the day after she brought him home. Now they're getting married and she was pressured into coming home for the wedding-because anyone would be that stupid). That her mother would finally realize how mean and hurtful she was being and taking Ava's side and even suggesting Ellie be in that wedding, let alone demanding it. But, no. No one called her out on her behavior. Everyone dumped on Ellie if she got close to standing up for herself. Her mother was the worst, no matter what disgusting thing Ava said she said nothing. Any comment Ellie made she got angry and told her to shut up. When Ava was ranting like the lunatic she is about her ruined party and blaming Ellie, the second she tried to defend herself, mother-of-the-year shut her down. By the end Ellie was apologizing to Ava for almost being murdered again, and every asshole in that room let it happen! No one even mentioned that it was Ava's fault in the first damn place! Not only does Ellie end up being a willing participant in the wedding, she even talks about Ava deserving sympathy and goes to her for life help (which, of course, results in Ava throwing as many insults as possible). Spineless moron. That's only a touch of the insanity in this story. I wish I could list it all because the whole thing is absolutely insane. I truly think Garwood owes all of us who have had the misfortune of reading this an explanation for this rage-inducing drivel.This book put me in an incredibly bad mood, which is actually the exact opposite of what I was attempting to achieve by reading it.