To Darkness and to Death - Julia Spencer-Fleming
This installment was . . . ambitious. The book unfolds over the course of one crazy day in Millers Kill. A pending sale of 250,000 acres of land effects a lot of lives and has pushed some citizens of the small town over the edge. Have you ever wanted to read a cross between the show 24 and a daytime soap opera? Me neither. There were a lot of characters to contend with. I counted at least 22 and we jumped to damn near all of them. The book popped around to different POVs very quickly, I really did feel like I was reading a daytime soap because the story jumped around so much to so many people. Again, not bad per se, it just drove me nuts. I really do miss JSF's storytelling from the first two books. Then there were the characters. Very few, had any redeeming value. It seemed like no one could find it within him/herself to make the right and/or moral choice. I was raging at them most of the book. Clare and Russ . . . I don't even know how I feel about them right now. So I'll just say that I'm in love with Hugh Parteger. He can stop being fictional and bring his super-cute British self on over to me. Even if he was wearing purple corduroy pants and a floral print shirt.JSF does climaxes really well. I couldn't put the book down when we finally got there. I was still disappointed just because there were a few characters who didn't get the comeuppance I strongly felt they should have and one character who didn't deserve his or her fate.I rated this one a star lower than the rest. Mostly because of my consistent irritation and anger at the characters throughout the book. Some to the point that I started sort of skimming through their POVs.