Precious and Fragile Things - Megan Hart
A woman who hates the life she made for herself gets all happy about abandoning her kids and husband when she is kidnapped. I was quickly turned off by Gilly's whining about her life. Not in the general "my husband is an unappreciative lout and my kids are whining brats" sort of way, but in a "I hate my life, how am I a stay at home mom with children, let me slice my wrists" sort of way. She seizes her chance when she is kidnapped. Todd, the kidnapper, gives her ample opportunity to escape. At one point he even leaves her in her car alone and she smiles and thinks about being free. Meanwhile, she knows nothing about this guy other than he is unhinged, and has absolutely no idea what he might do to her when they're alone, and yet that prospect still seems better than the life she chose? Oh, and she at least cared enough about her kids to get them away from him, but that involved literally shoving them out of a window in a stranger's driveway. Yet, again, she had no desire to get away from the man to at least make sure her kids were okay. I barely made it a few paragraphs into the third chapter. I hated her too much, and the premise was making me mad. I skimmed the end and let's just say that I am ridiculously happy I didn't waste the precious little non-law school time I have reading this mess.