In the Dead: Volume 1 - Jesse Petersen
3.5 stars. This is another situation where I really need to be able to give half stars. I can't decide if I should give this three to represent the 3.5 or four. I knocked it down from a solid four because of the spelling errors throughout the book. Even if it's not going through a publisher it needs to be edited. If I'm paying to read something, I deserve that consideration. Reading the word "shutter" instead of "shudder" is unacceptable under any circumstance but especially when I've paid for the story (and, yes, it's 99 cents, but that's still money).All of the individual stories were really good. Though I wish it hadn't ended with that last story. Humanity is depressing/enraging enough as it is. The book is obviously written in the same style as the Living with the Dead series. The biggest problem is that they were each too short. In fact, with most of them (some more than others) I really wanted to read their stories further and see what happens to them. So it was kind of like being viciously teased. Do Sam and Troy find a safe place? Do Zander, Carrie and Mrs. Floyd survive? Do Robin, Jude and Carl? What do Meghan, Ashley and Vern find when they get to Colorado, if they get to Colorado (and how does Vern deal when he gets his first taste of the real world)? Do Carson and Donna stick together, maybe fall in love? THESE ARE THINGS I MUST KNOW!!If you are a fan of the Living with the Dead series, I definitely recommend this short. Just understand that it's like being dangled off nine different cliffs.